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Our Story

Family-owned and operated, we’ve called Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood home since 1989. Step inside our restaurant, and you’ll immediately feel at home, be treated like family, and understand what keeps our guests coming back again and again.

Our expertise is highlighted in our menu which focuses on fresh and quality ingredients. Scratch-made offerings include mouthwatering specialties such as whipped ricotta tuffo, traditional sausage and peppers, homemade gnocchi, and a family favorite, chicken giardiniera. Come in and enjoy a meal with us today. Mangia!



At the ripe age of just 19 years old, Frank Ruffolo Sr. opened what would be the first of many restaurants. Known for Frank’s panzarotti, Carli’s was a Bridgeport staple located on 31st and Throop Street. Fast forward 41 years, and people still ask for Frank’s panzarottis.


Frankie's Place

Located across from Bridgeport’s historic All Saints Saint Anthony Parish, a small storefront occupied what would be Frank Sr.’s second restaurant, Frankie’s Place. Frankie’s Place was another neighborhood staple known for a Chicago classic: Italian Beef Sandwiches. Frank Sr took his beef with melted provolone cheese and hot giardiniera. Talk about a local delicacy!


Franco's Ristorante

In 1989, Frank Sr opened up Franco’s Ristorante on the corner of 31st and Princeton.  Known for his hearty, classic Italian dishes, Franco’s was home to many, near and far. Unbeknownst to Frank Sr at the time, was that Franco’s Ristorante was the beginning of an empire. 27 years later in 2016, Frank’s 23-year-old son, Frankie took over Franco’s. After several months of renovations and menu changes (don’t worry, Little Frank kept the classics), Franco’s reboot took off. Same location, same customers, same cooks, an updated menu, and a new look, the new Franco’s was anything but ordinary.



February 5, 1993, Frank Ruffolo Sr welcomed his first born son, Frankie to this world. Later that day, he signed the paperwork for his newest venture on the Southside of Chicago: Franconello. Franconello was one of the first white-tablecloth Italian eateries to open in Beverly, focusing on serving stalwart Italian classics. A great day, indeed! 

Dine With Us!

Whether you’re looking for a great place to have a nice dinner or you want to host a private event, we’d love to have you. Want to host your party at home? We can help with catering too!